Holiday Recipes: Vegan Easter Treats

By Julie Clark

As Easter Sunday approaches, we fondly remember the good ole’ days, filled with family traditions, recipes and celebrations… making it so much more exciting to create our own, compassionate traditions we hope to pass on to our future generations.

To get you started with your compassionate Easter, I have compiled just a few inspirational recipes to get you started. From carrot cake to chocolate truffles, your new Easter treats just might become family tradition.

These Easter-nest cupcakes are so creative!!

Easter Nest Cupcakes

image and recipe courtesy of

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The Secret Ingredients: Leather… Whose Was it Really?

By Julie Clark

Many of us think we know the answer to an innocent child’s question “What is leather?” Our society usually resorts to the easy answer- it is a material made from cattle hide. Perhaps you may hear the nicer version of the answer, leaning on tradition, “the cows died and gave it to us to use for things we need, like shoes and clothes.”

But… do most of us know the real answer to that question?

The short answer is- no.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

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Pop Vegan | Asoka: From Devil to Angel

By Tabitha Phillips

At times, promoting vegetarianism in mainstream American society can be like pulling teeth from a chicken (if you pardon the expression). This is due in large part to the strong belief that eating meat is cultural, traditional, and necessary. This is not the case.

A vegan Indian dish from the blog Vegan Risha.

A vegan Indian dish from the blog Vegan Risha.

Western media perpetuates a calculated culture that is good for profit. In this case, that means massive animal-product consumption is presented as the accepted norm, a norm that has remained constant throughout time and civilization. Nevermind the fact that multiculturalism is often touted to be what defines America – the “melting pot” and all that. As a result, the idea of vegetarianism often gets pinned as a modern concept, practiced only by wealthy snobs who dine on vegan artichoke oysters while turning their nose up at the thought of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

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Your Forever Friend: Do Your Research!

by Lauren Wood

How many of you have a pet – specifically a cat or a dog? A lot of you, right? Do you remember where you got your furry friend?

Sleeping Pets

Working for a rescue organization, I have seen hundreds of cats and dogs pass through our facility into wonderful homes, with truly loving people. Yet, there is always that one question that pervades the adoption process: “Where did the animal come from? What’s their story?” The answer is almost always the same. Continue reading

Holiday Recipes: it’s Valentine’s Day!

by Julie Clark

Valentine’s Day Vegan Chocolate Mousse & Strawberry Pie

Who has mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day? Some of us may like to celebrate the over-commercialized holiday with cute, red and pink gifts and trinkets symbolizing love and affection, or some may not want to celebrate the holiday designed to promote consumerism at all… but if you’re in between, and love to bake, here is the perfect recipe to make for you and your significant other, you and your best friends, or even all for yourself! (Yes, it’s that good.)

vegan chocolate valentine pie

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Holiday Recipes: Sweet Potato & Greens Casserole with an Asian twist!

By Julie Clark

Let me just start by saying, one of my girlfriends and I decided one night to try out a new recipe out of one of our vegan cookbooks. We got all comfy and cozy on the couch to pick out a recipe… and we found one that we wanted to try so badly, we just started cooking. Then, we changed one ingredient… and then another… and then another… well, you get the idea! Lots of tweaks later, this is an entirely new recipe… that I think is even better than the original. Perfect for winter months, perfect for family gatherings… No one will miss cheese in their casserole when you bring this to the table!


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Your Veganlicious Hair: Shampoo

By Liza Marie Willett

I’ve noticed few people actually know anything about hair care.  A lot of guys won’t use conditioner and most girls don’t even realize their $15 bottle of shampoo breaks off hair!  I intend to guide you on how to get the best results with your hair.  Coincidentally taking care of your hair the proper way tends to push towards more vegan products as well! Probably because if the company cares about animals’ wellbeing, you cancount on them caring about your hair’s health. This is the first part to a series of articles on how you can get your dream hair the vegan way.


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